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Toplantı Konuşma Metni: "Kadınlar için Meslekler"

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dc.provenance Boğaziçi Cultural Museum Eveline Thomson Scott 2017-12-08T12:35:25Z 2017-12-08T12:35:25Z 1948-12-22
dc.identifier.other SCT.ETS.05.017.02.DC
dc.description.sponsorship İstanbul Kalkınma Ajansı (TR10/16/YNY/0089) İstanbul Development Agency (TR10/16/YNY/0089)
dc.format 10p, 21*27
dc.language.iso EN
dc.rights Open Access
dc.subject Eveline Thomson Scott, Istanbul, Women, Career, Emancipation
dc.subject Eveline Thomson Scott, İstanbul, Kadınlar, Kariyer, Özgürleşme
dc.title Toplantı Konuşma Metni: "Kadınlar için Meslekler"
dc.title.alternative Assembly Talk Text: "Careers for Women"
dc.type document
dc.rights.holder Boğaziçi Archives and Documentation Center
dc.print.type typewriting
dc.accrual.method Donation
dc.identifier.barcode SCTETS0501702

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