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Dahiliye Vekaleti tarafından İzmir Villayeti Aliyesine mektup

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dc.provenance Bogazici Archive Center Dahiliye Vekaleti
dc.coverage.spatial Ankara, 1920s 2017-10-27T08:53:26Z 2017-10-27T08:53:26Z 1928-08-04
dc.identifier.other OGN.IZM.01.002.20.CR
dc.description Bahriye Müzesi hakkında
dc.description.sponsorship İstanbul Kalkınma Ajansı (TR10/16/YNY/0089) İstanbul Development Agency (TR10/16/YNY/0089)
dc.format 1p, 21*32
dc.language.iso OTA
dc.rights Open Access
dc.subject Ministry of Internal Affairs, Izmir Governorship, Bahriye Müzesi, Ankara
dc.subject Dahiliye Vekaleti, İzmir Valiliği, Bahriye Müzesi, Ankara
dc.title Dahiliye Vekaleti tarafından İzmir Villayeti Aliyesine mektup
dc.title.alternative Correspondence from The Ministry of Internal Affairs to the Governorship of Izmir
dc.type correspondence
dc.rights.holder Bogazici Archive Center
dc.print.type handwriting
dc.accrual.method Donation. Protocol, 2003, September 1
dc.identifier.barcode OGNIZM0100220

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