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Predicting kidney tumor subtype from CT images using radiomics and clinical features

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dc.contributor Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering.
dc.contributor.advisor Güveniş, Albert. Şirin, Duygu. 2024-04-03T13:23:04Z 2024-04-03T13:23:04Z 2022
dc.identifier.other BM 2022 S57
dc.description.abstract This study aims to evaluate the performance of machine learning methods in predicting the subtype (clear-cell vs. non-clear- cell) of kidney tumors using clinical patient and radiomics data from CT images. CT images of 192 malignant kidney tumor cases (142 clear-cell, 50 other) from TCIA’s KiTS-19 Challenge were used in the study. There were several different tumor subtypes in the other group, most of them being chromophobe or papillary RCC. Patient clinical data were combined with the radiomic features extracted from CT images. Features were extracted from 3D images and all of the slices were included in the feature extraction process. Initial dataset consisted of 1157 features of which 1130 were radiomics and 27 were clinical. Features were selected using Kruskal Wallis - ANOVA test followed by Lasso Regression. After feature selection, 8 radiomic features remained. None of the clinical features were considered important for our model as a result. Training set classes were balanced using SMOTE. Training data with the selected features were used to train the Coarse Gaussian SVM and Subspace Discriminant classifiers. Coarse Gaussian SVM was faster compared to Subspace Discriminant with a training time of 0.47 sec and 11000 obs/sec prediction speed. Training duration of Subspace Discriminant was 4.1 sec with 960 obs/sec prediction speed. For Coarse Gaussian SVM was found as 0.86 while for Subspace Discriminant AUC was 0.85. Both models produced promising results on classifying malignant tumors as ccRCC or non-ccRCC. NOTE Keywords : Kidney Tumor, Clear-Cell, Machine Learning, CT Imaging.
dc.format.extent 111:001:PDF:b2776680:037329:0:0:0:0:0:0tFull text electronic versionvn
dc.publisher Thesis (M.S.)-Bogazici University. Institute of Biomedical Engineering, 2022.
dc.subject.lcsh Kidneys -- Diseases.
dc.subject.lcsh Tomography.
dc.subject.lcsh Machine learning.
dc.title Predicting kidney tumor subtype from CT images using radiomics and clinical features
dc.format.pages x, 30 leaves

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