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Alevis, the state and the Sivas incident :|problems of democratization

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dc.contributor Ph.D. Program in Political Science and International Relations.
dc.contributor.advisor Arat, Yeşim, Önen, Levent. 2023-03-16T12:28:49Z 2023-03-16T12:28:49Z 2022.
dc.identifier.other POLS 2022 O54 PhD
dc.description.abstract The Sivas Incident is one of the most tragic and controversial events of the Republican history. It is a multidimensional event involving many critical issues that pertain to democratization of Turkey: the inadequate protection of basic civil rights, the issue of relationship between state and religion, freedom of religion and Alevi Question and the political Islamist challenge. This study aims to understand how political actors in the Parliament, judicial institutions and Alevi organizations politicized the Incident and formed competing narratives around it. I use the political contestation of the Incident between 1993 and 2015 as a novel lens to look at the problematic working of democratic institutions in Turkey and the challenge that Alevi civil society presented to it for further democratization. The methodology of this dissertation rests on the content analysis of the parliamentary records, court documents and the publications of Alevi organizations. I’ve also made use of interviews with the representatives of Alevi organizations. I benefited from a review of secondary resources including the newspaper records in my research. I show how certain violent incidents are politicized in the Turkish context because of structural vulnerabilities that have been there since the foundation of the nation state. The examination of competing narratives establishes that the dismissal of existence of sectarian motives and tensions has characterized the responses of political and judicial actors. I demonstrate the difficulty of Turkish political system to meet the demands of a marginalized community for recognition and justice.
dc.format.extent 30 cm.
dc.publisher Thesis (Ph.D.) - Bogazici University. Institute for Graduate Studies in the Social Sciences, 2022.
dc.subject.lcsh Alevis -- Turkey.
dc.subject.lcsh Islamic fundamentalism -- Turkey -- Sivas.
dc.subject.lcsh Terrorism -- Turkey -- Sivas.
dc.subject.lcsh Sivas (Turkey) -- Fire, 1993.
dc.title Alevis, the state and the Sivas incident :|problems of democratization
dc.format.pages xi, 321 leaves ;

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