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A study on general awareness of advertisements :|the case of magazine ads

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dc.contributor Graduate Program in Management.
dc.contributor.advisor Bodur, Muzaffer. Biricik, Seda. 2023-03-16T12:13:59Z 2023-03-16T12:13:59Z 1986.
dc.identifier.other AD 1986 B53
dc.description.abstract In this thesis, interest toward magazine advertisements and opinions of female and male respondents about this subject will be studied. No particular advertisements have been shown to respondents in order to get general and unbiased opinion about the subject. Respondents can answer the questions by thinking about any magazine advertisement that he or she might have seen before. Then, they also indicate which ad this is and what makes them remember it. A question about media preference for a durable good, a convenience good and a specialty item has also been asked to learn the relative importance of magazines compared to other media. Data was taken from both female and male subjects and differences in their opinions toward some credibility and attention getting aspects of magazine advertisements and for most attention getting product or service advertisements have been evaluated. It was seen that the illustration, headline and kind of product or service advertised were the most attention getting layout components and male respondents indicated that they were mostly attracted by a charming model, brandname a.nd picture of the advertisement. It was also found that men were interested in transportation, electronic equipment and bank advertisements in magazines while women were mostly interested in cosmetics, detergents, shampoo, soap, toothpaste and deo advertisements. Looking at the media preferences, it appeared that, television is the best medium for all Unds of products and magazines are only preferred for a specialty item by much younger, higher educated, having executive level occupations and higher levels of income respondents. As a result. it was seen that females and males had different opinions about magazine advertisements while in some aspects they did share the same opinion. The study includes the literature review and the field study which was conducted by a questionnaire. The interpretation of the computer analyzed data was done and the impl ications of the findings were presented.
dc.format.extent 30 cm.
dc.publisher Thesis (M.A.) - Bogazici University. Institute for Graduate Studies in Social Sciences, 1986.
dc.relation Includes appendices.
dc.relation Includes appendices.
dc.subject.lcsh Advertising, Magazine.
dc.title A study on general awareness of advertisements :|the case of magazine ads
dc.format.pages xv, 114 leaves;

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